I have recently written a couple of posts about my training program, the one I took to be able to build this web site, as I wanted to share with you other alternatives to keep your passion alive in more ways than before. In my case I get to combine my passion for Binary Options trading with the satisfaction in helping others.

I find really amazing be able to talk to so many people out there looking to make honest use of the internet to gain access to a better life. People that sometimes, actually quite often, is confused by the so many sites talking about the samething positively while at the same time there are so many others talking so negatively. In today’s online experience the word “scam” is used so often and associated to so many things, that almost anything is considered a “scam” and people is just starting to becoming skeptical of the internet as a whole. This very true is, at times, making things quite difficult for me to get my message across with the internet media not trusting my site just because of the topic I talk about.

I consider my web site quite different from those others there just “selling” Binary Options Trading platforms or brokers like they are all great. My site tells you to understand what you are about the get into and the things you need to consider to be successful. My site is also telling you that Binary Options is risky and if you think is “gambling” it will be “gambling” for you, and the odds are that you will surely lose. I am telling you, as a professional with 20 years experience in the industry doing many roles, that if you do Binary Options trading seriously you will be successfull and I have said many time what doing this seriously means.

I am sorry, if I am just taking to long but you can see that Binary Options are indeed a passion to me and that I believe in them.

Anyway, the idea of this page is to present to you my training program. I know you are people of many hobbies and passions in life, just because your are here I know you want to live a better life and because you want that you would probably benefit from having the capacity to put a part of your life online and learn how to build a web site. A web site dedicated to help people and, why not, to make money as well.

The program is WA, Wealthy Affiliate, briefly this program is more than an online course, this program is actually a community of successful people (for me successful people is people actively chasing their dreams) sharing their experience during and after the program. The program guides you through the process of generate an income through affiliate marketing. And you don’t even need to buy or sell anything. All you need to do is provide information about what people are already searching for online. After that, you just need to recommend them to platforms like Amazon or ClickBank, which will do the rest of the work. Also, you don’t have to be worried about the website building. With Wealthy Affiliate you will learn how to build your own website even if you don’t have any experience. That is the easy part now and after you have built your website you need to drive some traffic (visitors) into it following the learnings from the program.

Without any further introduction, here it is Wealthy Affiliate.

The program is free as long as you like and there will be no automatic payment after a month or so, it is only when you are ready to take more advantage of what the premium program has to offer that you will be required to pay. See below a comparison.