Are you looking to make money from home? …

Is the internet too big or too blurry to find the best way?

The best way to find useful information to make a choice on anything online is People’s reviews …. If you are not feeling like trusting the companies directly providing the products and services, and your are looking for your best fit. People’s opinions and product/services reviews can provide you with the information you are looking for.
The internet is very big community of people with all sorts of interests… so, what you need is to find a community of people that shares your interests and needs. Product and services reviews are a point where a community sharing an interest in particular manifest their opinions on a certain topic.

It all starts with that first person …

Typically somebody who has personally experienced the product or service, a person person who is willing to share more than just the features of the product/services but also a personal approach, lessons, success or failure.
The internet, and commonly social media, is full of people just saying this or that about a product or service, mostly that is a scam, baloney or theft … If you think about that, it is completely useless to you …. And only creates more uncertainty about what could be a good choice ….
I can tell you most of the time, more than 90% of the time actually, these comments are made by frustrated people who were expecting either too much or never fully understood the use of the product or service. This is even more real for services
What you need to make a choice is information … things like, did it work as expected?, what did you do wrong or right? , did you find the best way to this or that? Do you have a best practices ? What is your opinion?
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Then it is your choice

It all depends how strong is your desire to make things work for you …

How strong is your motivation ..

LO Diaz