Let me introduce you the perfect companion in your Binary Options trading adventures. A binary robot … it will never let you “fail”
…. BINARY-TRON robot binary I am a binary Options Robot .. at your commands,
but let my master explain what I am supposed to do
The concept of a binary options “robot” is another attempt to link the terms “easy or effortless� with making money online. Basically the so-called robot once activated does all the trades on your behalf with a very high success rate. If you follow my posts, you can now immediately sense something not quite right here. But, wait a second …. Let’s give these “robot� guys the benefit of the doubt and try to understand what they are trying to do ….
We are already familiar with trading signals, well binary robots are something like that ….. So, we know these are based on the market or stock charts when the price/value of a stock or position is close to its support or resistance (see technical analysis). This means that, if there are no market events, the stock or position price or value will likely be about to change its trend giving us signs to place a position. We do this every time we are conducting our technical analysis ourselves, but in our case as a human we can be aware of the fundamental and sentiment analysis to ample the scope of the analysis increasing our chances to get the investment in the money. The robot does not do that and instead its prediction, same as trading signals, are based on purely mathematical probability following the behavior of the stock price during a certain period of time. In other words, it is like an automated technical analysis, that is done on various stock or positions and several times during the day … in here the success rate is based on bulk investment to maximize the return rate. I know that under certain market conditions that can be very successful, but It would not be long term. The market these days is showing signs of repetitive volatility due to various factors, the oil price, the situation of the economy in china, the UE in crisis … so, even if the concept of a robot could makes sense, it is definitely not a good idea at the moment … and it is much better for us to take care of our own investments, particularly in Binary Options, and I would give more importance to sentiment and fundamental analysis which can only be done properly by a human.
My recommendation is always to stay away from the “quick-money-making-scheme� and dedicate time to anything you do, to do it properly and long-lasting but more importantly to enjoy what you do.