The blog is a website published on the World Wide Web that may consist of a discussion by an author on a topic or with a purpose to provide information. Blogs contain “posts� by authors that disclose information to readers. But with the advent of online business, blogs are now frequently being used as a tool to make money. Yes, you heard it right. Blogs, if appropriately used can usher in a flow of money. Many of us are yet to know the ways by which we can use our blog to earn money. This article will be helpful in finding ways to make money blogging.

1)   Make money with Advertisement: Bloggers make a lot of money by placing an advertisement on their website. Advertisements can be of following types:

CPC/PPC Advertisement: Cost per click/Pay per click advertisement make payments to blog owner each time a reader of the blog clicks on the advertisement. The advertisements will be placed on the website of the blog owner.

CPM Advertisement: These advertisements pay a pre-decided compensation based on the number of views attracted by the advertisement from the website of the blog owner.

You need to work with advertisement networks like Google Adsense, Chitika, and Infolinks etc to get such advertisements.

2)   Private Advertisement: This option is viable for those blog websites which generates huge traffic/attract readers. In such cases, advertisers come directly to the blog owner to place their ads on the website. The advantage of this option is that there will be no intermediary. Blog Owner will be able to set ad rates and bargain on the same directly with the advertisers. These advertisements can be in the form of links or banners. Blogger can also write a review or give information on the products/services offered by the advertiser in lieu of money. Blog owner can also sell sponsorship space in the newsletters and videos.

3)   Affiliate Marketing: The blogger first becomes an affiliate of an advertiser selling a product/service. The advertiser provides a link that can track the affiliate code. Every time a reader of your blog website uses the link to place an order and purchase the product, blogger earns a percentage of the purchase. The percentage is pre-determined. Affiliate marketing can be done through networks like Amazon Associates.

4)   Digital Products: Blogger can earn by selling different types of digital products like eBooks, online courses, and workshops, Images, informational video’s that will be helpful to the readers and applications/plugins. However, to earn revenue by selling a digital product, a blogger need to have a complete understanding of the need and requirement of the readers visiting his website so that he can choose the digital product that can be offered to the readers.

5)   A marketing tool for own business: This is a way modern business is working. Businessman opens business blogs and provides reviews and information on the products and services offered by them. The website will have a link and if a reader is willing to purchase a product on offer can directly go to the business website and place an order. Here the blog site works as an aide to further one’s business. Business blogs can be used to sell hand-made products, manufactured products, and services.

6)   Membership: This is a new concept. Blogs can be used to sell memberships. For instance, if you develop a career blog, providing reviews on different career opportunity and allowing direct access to recruiters, you can charge a nominal fee to give access to the readers.

Making money blogging requires persistence. Not all of the above ways may work and one will be required to innovate. But in the long run, especially with the advent of online business platforms, it holds a tremendous potential. With a little perseverance and persistent effort, a blogger can earn handsome amount using his blog.

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LO. Diaz