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The US Markets second day down, can be after a very strong weeks and the beginning of august. Like we know august is not the best month for the stocks markets. We are in a period of holiday operators that make an exaggerated movement because the volume is very low.

And also after the earning season, is important to see the process of profit taking from the strong hands, and the rotation money from more defensive indexes like the S & P 500 or the NYSE to Nasdaq, which has been highly favored in the last weeks.

In conclusion we know the process of the correction is in the global markets now, and this august can be a very low month, but the question is: How do we know when to sell? The Technical analysis is a very good tool, and with low volume the changes of the prices are faster, so in the moments when we see a stronger resistance we can sell.

The FX markets reacted yesterday to another day of dollar weakness across the board, so the GBP/USD broke its range bound up +1.36%, many traders are surprised by the sharp rise in the pound yesterday, because maybe tomorrow the interest rate can change.  So, it’s a great opportunity to trade in GBP/USD. We can see a big correction in the pound.

And the commodities still going up, Gold gained 1% to close at its highest level in more than two years, gold is sensitive to moves in U.S. rates. A gradual path to higher rates is seen as less of a threat to gold prices than a swift series of increases. For the year, the precious metal is up nearly 28%, boosted by concerns over global growth and expectations of monetary stimulus.

The Oil inventories are the main news on the agenda for Wednesday. We will see a lot of big movements after we know this data, I think it’s always better to trade with the information than before release, with forecast the risk increases.

FTSE 100

In the last days the trading movements range about: 6.634 and 6.700, the probability of change in the pound can move the range to another direction. Tomorrow will we known the decision for the BOE, if they will move the interest rate or not. For today the resistance is: 6.664 and the support point is: 6.630.


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Coca-Cola Company

The company disappointed with the earning results a few days ago. After that, went into a “zone of� minimum price, with its wide falls and the lowest price in recent months as well.

But the price of the stock cannot break the support: 43.33.

Resistance: 43.7

Coca cola

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