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Recently I came across a new concept that combines social media with Binary Options trading, and immediately I could imagine the potential of such a combination, particularly for beginners, in trading Binary Options. You can remember that I have already mentioned that Binary Options trading can be very profitable, but that it also carries significant risks. Now, you can think that the emotions of something with only two extreme potential outcomes can be quite intense for a person, I mean we all care about our money… right?. This is particularly true for beginners, but if we consider the benefits of going through that but not alone and instead as part of an online community where people can chat and have the opinion of more experience people …. Now the anxiety of such moments can be significant reduced … now you are not alone. And on top of that, this social trading platform gives you as well the possibility to “copy� the trading activities of other successful traders …. That can be no doubt a real benefit to you … correct?.

Now let me go back a little bit, I have insisted all the time about the importance of understanding and to support each trade with knowledge, so how come can I be talking positively of something that is basically the “human� version of the so-called “Binary Robots� …. See, my point of view is not about making things effortless for you …. What is actually important to me is the learning experience at looking the way somebody trades and the strategies that person is using. This is for me where the real value is, and you can do that with several of the most successful traders in that platform without actually risking no money. Yes, risk-free because you can do that with a virtual account using virtual money… that is great! …. You will be looking at the experts, understanding what they do and looking at the results of their strategies for free…. What a great value !.

I will always emphasize on things that can make you feel more comfortable, have a better understanding of the risks and make you more successful from the beginning. This can go beyond my personal experience .. Like in this case, with this social trading platform … which at the beginning I did not have that resource and I needed to do it by myself and it was painful sometimes, I can tell you …. But you should know me by now, those are the things that makes me continue and get better.

This is not a formal review for the moment, because I need to explore this platform a bit more to be capable to make a meaningful review for you. I just wanted to highlight the concept of social trading and how it can be beneficial for novice traders.

The name of the platform is eToro, eToro webtrader, eToro social trading o eToro online trading. This is the logo  Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 17.42.44.

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