I have recently posted some recommended books and good reading to learn the basis of Binary Options trading. These books explain the theory and practice of this investment modality. This is very important before you actually trade and one of the four key actions for you as a beginner. These are:

  1. Understanding the risks: I have insisted several times that Binary Options trading involves a high risk of you losing a portion or all of your money. More details in Recommendations for Beginners
  2. Understanding the concept: Binary Options trading is not “gambling” but, if you do not understand the concept and you think that because of its simplicity you can get away with it, you will be “gambling” and you will be more than likely failing and losing money. More details in: What is Binary Options Trading
  3. Understanding the tools: Binary Options trading, same as any other type of investment, require understanding of the market conditions and managing the associated risks. More Details in: Technique and Analysis
  4. Choosing the right broker: Only when you have completed the firsts 3 key actions, you will be ready to start choosing your broker. The broker is the conduit to invest, and yes!  They will receive your money. They will also offer you some other services that will assist you to make your trading enjoyable. Like another service provider in any other industry, brokers don’t always provides good services, depending on people’s perception, so it is your responsibility to get familiar with what the broker has to offer and after you make your selection, cautiously, to explore the offering, the service attitude, etc., and either stay with it or change. It is also your responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions. More details in: Brokers and more …Do we really want a bonus? and Brokers Reviews

Additionally, I would like to present to you other tools that you might consider to make your Binary Options trading experience more pleasant.

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