Age old belief says, work hard and you would earn high. It will only end you up saving a modest and to some extent useful saving. But today the trend says, work hard but also work smart to yield higher. If a person really wants to be rich then, there are several smart ways that can proof to become useful and effective. Few of the good ways of how to get rich are given below:

  1. Start your business then, eventually sell it – It is one of the proven effective methods to get rich. The entrepreneur requires building a new approach to understanding the customer’s requirements which have the potentiality to build a profitable business which caters to the needs of the customers. Hence, creating a real value of your business in the market. Few of the ideal business ventures are cleaning business, hair salons, consultancy services etc. These business ventures take few years to get established after lots of hard work. Generally, it is seen that the businesses fail to establish themselves but with proper skills, dynamism and diligence can successfully establish the business. Once the business is established then, eventually it should be sold and can yield unbelievable rewards. This is how seriously some wealthy people attempted it.
  2. Join a start – up and get stock- It is a brilliant way if a person can accrue some equity shares of the start- up companies then, there always lays a good chance of having a sumptuous capital gain if the company is sold to the big companies. Though, there are few companies who successfully realise large capital gains. Hence, the judgments should be made prudently while choosing the companies and the likely management team to succeed.
  3. Exploit yourself as a self-employed expert- If a person develops marketable skills and successfully retains it then, one can reap good gains. This is one of the ways which the sports stars, authors, and other entertainers get rich. There is always a greater opportunity for the self-employed people to get rich than the people working for a company. There are lots of risks but the person who can build their skills and strive out in their own way can successfully get away with a reward.
  4. Develop Property- buying, selling or developing property is a unique way to build their noteworthy capital position. Borrowing money can create leverage on the investments made. Say for a person borrows $3000000 and puts in his own $100000 and then develop a property and sell it at $600000 then, he will increase the property value by more than 60 % and also the $100000 invested by the person gets doubled. But make sure to select the correct property and make the investment to get the maximum gains out of it.
  5. Build a portfolio of stock and shares- If an investment is done on the correct set of equity shares of the company then, the person is sure to accumulate a lot of wealth for him but for this, he has to invest for long term and reinvest the dividends for a better return.
  6.    Inherit Wealth- It is possible if you born in a wealthy family or marry into a rich family then, one can inherit lots of wealth.

Following this one can easily accumulate wealth and can get rich easily but apart from this, there are other ways to get rich. But one can only lead a healthy life if he leads a balanced life.


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LO. Diaz